5 “Healthy Habits” That Are Not That Great For You

I spend my days educating people how to create lifestyle changes that will help them be healthy, stronger and extend their longevity.

I also spend a lot of time debunking myths and helping people move away from habits that have long be considered “healthy” but that may be some of the stupidest things we do that are keeping us from reaching our wellness goals.

In the video below I go through the ones that I encounter with clients almost every week. Check it out!

Now, I know you’ve heard some of these. But have you heard about others that are not included on my list?

Which one? Let me know!?!?

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3 thoughts on “5 “Healthy Habits” That Are Not That Great For You”

  1. Richard Barksdale

    Hello again Jovanka and you are beautiful as always. Just want to say you pretty much hit everything here on the money with get time in the sun to what are good and healthy foods to eat other than supplements. I know that also most people I know personally like to eat in places like Mc Donalds Hamburgers and Restaurants which most restaurant food is loaded with plenty of butter and sugars to make it taste better but I really thinking this is very unhealthy. What would your thoughts be on these types of places and if you believe they are healthy or not? .. Thank You again Jovanka! Xoxo

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