How I Managed My Uterine Fibroids

My fibroids were one of the first reasons (ulcers being the other) why I started to learn about wellness, which eventually lead to a career change and a live-long passion.

Fibroids are benign tumors that grown in or on your uterus and can cause heavy period, absence of period, pelvic pain, anemia, infertility and even depression.

There is some genetic predisposition to getting fibroids and age also has something to do with it (most women get theirs around the age of 30).

But for the most part, poor diet, exposure to excess estrogen in the food and environment, hormonal disruption and toxicity are known to be major factors affecting the development of fibroids in the body.

So those are the things I addressed when I was looking for natural alternatives to manage and shrink my fibroids naturally. Here are a few of the things that I worked on and that were effective for me! Check out the video to learn what those are:

I urge you to please check with your doctor before trying any supplements or alternative treatments.

Do you suffer from fibroids? Have alternative treatment helped you in any way?

Let’s use this forum as a sounding board for all of you with fibroids and other disruptive hormonal issues.

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