What Wrecks A Havoc In Your Digestion – Tummy Tuck Series Part 1 of 5

Welcome to part 1 of a 5 part video series about improving your digestion and easy, home-made remedies for the most common digestive ailments out there.

But before we dive into it, it’s important to know what you might be doing to cause havoc in your digestive track and (more importantly), what to do about it!

As you surely have experienced, even if you have the healthiest meal, you may suffer from indigestion, gas and bloating after a meal from time to time.

So this first video will be about basic things to avoid and basic things to do in order to feel light and satisfied after each and every meal!

Are you willing to try some of these things to take control over your tummy? What are you willing to do first?

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10 thoughts on “What Wrecks A Havoc In Your Digestion – Tummy Tuck Series Part 1 of 5”

  1. It’s always good to hear these digestive tips: though it’s stuff I tell my clients regularly, sometimes I need another voice to say it so that I hear it for myself when I’ve fallen off the wagon. With life being super busy these days, I know that I don’t take adequate breaks between drinks/fruit and my meals. Something I could focus on more is the weight of the meal; living with 3 men, it’s hard to move away from that idea of a BIG supper.

  2. Great video Jovanka! These are great tips. I’m a bit fruit obsessed and eat it often after my meals. Good to know that I should eat it alone from now on. Thanks for sharing!

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