Over Eating And Feeling Miserable? Use these!

This is a little recipe I take with me everywhere I travel and have at home for those days when I overeat and/or eat away from home, meaning we might be eating things I normally avoid.

Sometimes switches on your diet, even if minor can wreak havoc on your digestion. Anything from stinky farts to constipation and feeling bloated and heavy for days!

In order to prevent those tummy troubles, I add these 3 seeds together in a jar and take them with me as an amazing homemade natural digestive remedy: 3-Seed Crunchy.

Check out why they’re awesome and how to make it here!

4 thoughts on “Over Eating And Feeling Miserable? Use these!”

  1. Jovanka, I love your advice for a very different approach. I have over ate more times than I can count in the past. I take Swanson EFA’s Bio Pure DHA when it happens and my nightly 150 mg. of Zantac too. I try my best to try really hard to not over eat now.

  2. This is another fabulous post Jovanka, thank you.
    It’s a great idea to bring out, in case I’m ever eating foods that aren’t always easy for me to digest.
    Fennel really works well for me. I grow it and add the leaves to my juice in the morning to get my digestion kickstarted for the day 🙂

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