The ONE Thing That Helped Me Heal From IBS

Have you heard about the incredible health benefits of L-glutamine?

The most common uses of glutamine pare to lose weight fast, burn fat and build muscle. But we now also know that this powerful animo acid is very helpful in treating leaky gut and improving my symptoms of IBS.

That’s why I used it and still continue to supplement on it.

How does L-Glutamine benefit your digestive health? Check out the video below!

And btw, Veggies high in L –Glutamine include Spirulina, Chinese Cabbage, Asparagus and Broccoli Raab… enjoy!



4 thoughts on “The ONE Thing That Helped Me Heal From IBS”

  1. As ever, you’re a mine of wonderful information and inspiration Jovanka.

    As i former IBS sufferer, I know how useful it is to have a wide range of options available to help relieve it.

    I didn’t know about L-Glutamine when I had my IBS, it’s great to know about it now.

    For me, my IBS led me on my journey into becoming a holistic therapist, as I also found natural ways were very helpful for me in letting that condition go.

  2. You are amazing Jovanka! You share so much knowledge that is totally new for me, and I really appreciate all the quality content you create. I will have to look into this supplement. Is there a recommended dosage?

    1. Thanks Jul’s, so very sweet! I often use whatever the manufacturer recommends (from the bootle). One of my favorite brands is Solgar. They are sold widely.

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