4 Easy Ways To Heal Your Gut

Did you know that the function of your immune system, the state of your mental health, the pain or lack thereof in your joints, and even whether or not you have seasonal allergies can all be determined by one thing?

Do you know what it is?

The health of your gut!

Conventional and unconventional research is proving it over and over: poor gut health = poor overall health.

If you experience “common” digestive complaints such as occasional gas, bloating, or heartburn, your gut needs some work. Find out here the 4 Easy Ways To Heal Your Gut!

  1. Take a quality probiotic – The delicate balance of good vs. bad bacteria and yeasts in our intestines is easily thrown out of whack, which is why taking a probiotic supplement can help you more easily maintain that balance.
  1. Take the crap out – your body must be eliminating debris regularly, daily, ideally more than once per day. If not, you’re leaving behind poop inside of you. You think poop is disgusting? How about that stinky, nasty poop sitting inside of you day in and day out!? Embrace enemas or colonics if you have been severely constipated or partly constipated for more than a week. Also embrace oils like avocado, coconut, sesame in your foods to make sure things move in your insides a little easier.
  1. Add resistant starches to your diet. Foods that are resistant to the power of the digestion of the small intestine are known as resistant starches. The overall health benefits to consuming resistant starches are many. They are considered Pre-biotics, in other words, they exist to help feed your probiotics (that beneficial bacteria in your gut that’s there to help you fight off diseases. These pre-biotics feed your probiotics. Foods like this include sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, lentils, brown rice, plantains.
  1. Stay away from sugar! Look, the stuff is as addictive as cocaine, messes up with your hormones, can feed cancerous cells, makes you swollen and chubby. Oh, and it makes your colon feel really miserable. It makes you constipated or, if you have IBS of Chrohn’s disease like I do, it can exacerbate your symptoms and give you explosive diarrhea. You’ve been warned!

6 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Heal Your Gut”

  1. It’s very difficult to stop the cravings of sugar I try to eliminate sweets but I only last a few days and go back to them. Do you have any advice for me how to avoid sugar for a longer time

    1. I do! There are many things you can do. Here, I can tell you to try cinnamon bark tea or Gymnema, in tea or pills (supplements). Both are great at helping you control sugar cravings, so you have a bit more control over this issue. Hope this helps!

  2. Love your dress in your video! Fantastic information, and I so agree that your health and your gut are totally connected. I drink a warm lemon water daily and a homemade organic green juice with chia seeds, ground flax seed and hemp protein added…this keeps my gut cleaned out and I have more energy. My skin is glowing from a daily green juice. I have a question about the probiotic. I take a Pro-5 probiotic by Klare Labs, always refrigerated. I was taking it each morning on an empty stomach. Is it better to take it with a meal?

    1. Aw, thanks! I like to take mine on an empty stomach. You can take them with food as well, but in my experience, I feel better when I take them at night or very early on an empty stomach. Hope this helps!

  3. Great tips Jovanka, thank you.

    I’d sometimes wondered when was the best time to take probiotics, great answer.
    I also never knew that c-section births could do with extra probiotic support.

    You are a mine of wonderful information.

    Looks like I’m in the good books with your tips. I alternate between kefir and capsule probiotics, I’m regular, I take lots of prebiotics (incl. chia and flax) and I steer very clear of refined sugars 🙂

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