Restore Gut Health with This ONE ingredient

Have you heard of Reishi mushroom? You may not want to toss your next salad with some reishi mushrooms (yeah, they are really bitter), but when you hear what all this little ‘shroom can do, you may decide to add it to your supplement regiment!

The Reishi mushroom, also known as ganoderma mushroom, has been used in Eastern “medicine” like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for many hundreds of years. And now, the Western World is slowly recognizing its healing properties.

But for the purpose of digestion and gut health, how does it help? Check the video below to learn how!

4 thoughts on “Restore Gut Health with This ONE ingredient”

  1. Thanks for this great introduction for Reishi mushrooms.
    I’ve heard of them in the past, but I never knew why they were so popular.
    Now I know why … and how to take it 🙂

  2. Haha, Jovanka, you are so right – I once tried the mushrooms and they really weren’t all that tasty! And I love that you don’t share things we’ve heard a thousand times before but come up with less known cures. Thanks so much for this. I’m sure especially those who travel a lot or don’t like pills will be super happy with your tip! 🙂

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