Top Q&A’s for my upcoming book Reclaiming Wellness

Introducing my newest book RECLAIMING WELLNESS: Ancient Wisdom for Your Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Life, which explores today’s most effective wellness practices — and their multicultural sources — and makes them easy to implement for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income, or social status. 

The following video will answer some of the questions I get asked about the book:

Reclaiming Wellness speaks to everyone, with an emphasis on the people of color who struggle disproportionately with preventable diseases, to offer:

  • practical, affordable, and even fun ways to incorporate plant-based whole foods into even the most time-crunched routine
  • lazy-proof means of movement that feel more like self-love than the dreaded “exercise”
  • techniques of mindfulness, meditation, and visualization that make them meaningful everyday tools
  • ways to experience nature, music, and community to heal and connect

Let me know what you think in the comments below the video!

Wonder Woman Smoothie (With Power Herbs)

This is my favorite “Wonder Woman” smoothie! This smoothie will make you feel like a true wonder woman because it includes my favorite herbal blend, the Athena Woman’s Blend!

I love it because you can add it to smoothies, sprinkle on top of oatmeal, even add to your mash potatoes! It is that yummy and versatile.

Check out the video here:

What does this blend do, you wonder? Well, it:

Gives You More Energy*
Provides Mental Focus and Clarity*
Supports Mood and Calms Anxiety*
Helps with Hormonal Support*
Provides Metabolic Support*
It’s an Immune System Tonic*
Enhances Sex and Beauty*

Yes! All of the above and more…and it tastes pretty good too! You can check out more here.

Let’s introduce you to the 7 herbs here:

Dong Quai
blood builder
supports the bone marrow
helps to relax the nervous system

Supports reproductive system
increases fertility
increases blood flow

Pine Pollen
modulate excess estrogen
high in vitamins and minerals
stimulates the liver

Seabuckthorn Berry
Great for the skin and hair
Aids in digestion
Fights obesity

Helps liver detox
hormonal support
Overall health

Goji Berries

improve metabolism
balance blood sugar

Longan Fruit – “Dragon Eyes”
improves digestion
immune system support
clears the skin

Will you try it? Get it from my friends at Lost Empire Herbs Here.


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